February 16, 2015


UAE's Al Rawdah expands poultry processing plant



The Emirates Modern Poultry Co is expanding a processing facility which can double the company's output to 800 tonnes of poultry products monthly by the first quarter next year.


The plant, which will be 40% bigger than the current one, is expected to be fully operationally ready in 8-12 months and will help the company, also known as Al Rawdah, to bridge the gap between supply and demand.


The initial stage of the expansion has already been completed with the installation of six new cold stores capable of providing additional 300 tonnes of storage, at a cost of US$1.5 million.


Another US$4.1 million will be invested into boosting production at the plant and works are expected to be completed by the end of this year.


In addition, Al Rawdah announced a new range of diversified meat products, with about 30 of them slated for launch this year.


Half of those products will be marketed to hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering companies, with the rest for retail consumption.


Al Rawdah's selections will also be expanded with the future inclusion of veal, beef and turkey products made from halal Australian beef, as well as veal and halal turkey obtained from Turkey.

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