February 14, 2018


EW Nutrition launches website dedicated to "antibiotic reduction"



EW Nutrition has launched a website dedicated to the topic of antibiotic reduction: www.antibiotic-reduction.net.


EW Nutrition is inviting visitors to explore the topic of antibiotic reduction in the context of animal welfare and performance. Briefly presented facts, editorial content and feed solutions will provide information and support to this important field. On the platform, the content will be updated, developed on a continuous basis with background information, latest findings, data, as well as scientific results. The website offers comprehensive information in a structured way that easily transfers know-how.

"We are striving to develop and then present much more than only product applications," highlighted Dr. Heinrich Kleine Klausing, "as we must bring down the volumes of non-curative antibiotic treatment in animal production. It is a matter of fact that every time antibiotics are used we increase the risk of developing resistance."

The reduction of antibiotic usage in animal husbandry is the company vision and mission of EW Nutrition globally, and this can be achieved with many products in the company's current portfolio as well from the pipeline of future innovations. "There a multitude of management factors that animal producers have to consider in order prudently reduce all applications of antibiotic treatment. Hygiene control, farm construction, biosecurity, health management programmes and of course not just nutrition, feedmill management too," explained Daniel Tepe, responsible Managing Director Business Development and R&D. "Over the last number of years, we have put emphasis, knowledge and for sure investment to identify solutions for animals that can increase gut health. Our area of expertise at EW Nutrition is animal nutrition and husbandry and a balanced gut and optimal digestion are key to animal welfare and of course performance," he added.

The increasing risk from antibiotic resistance, bacterial insensitivity to effective antibiotics factored into global human health management problems, and prudent use of chemotherapeutic treatments, is knowledge better shared for all on the planet, said EW Nutrition.

The Southeast Asia and Pacific (SEAP) region has in some situations already been successful with the reduced usage of antibiotics and in other situations been able to remove coccidiostats too. In more recent years total legislative bans and more prophylactic use is legitimately being introduced as a unanimous view across the region, where EW Nutrition has established local companies and directly developed supportive projects across. Bob Nichol and Jurek Grapentin in Singapore added that their team across SEAP has all had first-hand experience and knowledgeable support for their customers.
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