February 13, 2018

Ukraine grain exports decline in 2017


A drop in corn output and rising competition from wheat have impacted Ukraine's market share in grain, with the country's grain sales declining 8.7% year-on-year, according to data by the Ukrainian customers authority.

According to an AgriCensus report, Ukraine's overall grain exports currently amount to 25.2 million tonnes, which is smaller than 27.6 million tonnes recorded in the same period in 2017.

At 12.5 million tonnes, wheat exports are 3.8 % lower year-on-year. A noticeable difference can be observed in milling and feed wheat sales volumes.

In addition, escalating competition with neighbouring Russia and its record-breaking crop have rendered the market more challenging for Ukrainian sellers. 

Feed wheat sales, on the other hand, performed favourably, having spiked 12% year-on-year to 5.6 million tonnes. Increases can be seen in sales to Indonesia, Bangladesh and Spain. 

Meanwhile, corn exports had a laborious time keeping up with 2017's pace of sales and were down 14.4% at 8.3 million tonnes.

Lower Ukrainian production also saw available volumes slide 14% year-on-year, thus pressuring prices.

For oilseed exports, however, these rose last year, with soybean sales at 1.9 million tonnes (11.8% higher than the same period in 2017) and rapeseed at more than double at two million tonnes.

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