Events in the next 3 months
In three days, Aquaculture America 2018 will start in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It is the only major national aquaculture conference and exposition held in the US and it is an event that can't be missed.
We've picked 16 other events slated within the next three months, including the 10th Euro-Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries in London. This event, also dubbed as Aqua Europe 2018, aims to unite an international blend of specialists including aquaculture architects and analysts both from the scholarly community and industry.
Aquaculture America 2018
February 19 – 22, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Aquaculture America 2018 returns to one of the favorite entertainment spots in the world for the only major national aquaculture conference and exposition held in the US. The US Aquaculture Society (formerly US chapter of World Aquaculture Society) joins with the National Aquaculture Association and the Aquaculture Suppliers Association to produce the annual Aquaculture America meetings.
These sponsors are joined by the annual meetings of Aquacultural Engineering Society, Americas Tilapia Alliance, Striped Bass Growers Association, US Trout Farmers Association, and many more associations to make Aquaculture America 2018 the one meeting in the US that can't be  missed.
Venue is Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.
International short course: Responsible aquaculture development
February 26 – March 16, 2018
The Netherlands
This international short course on responsible aquaculture development for food security and economic progress aims to:
-- train policy makers, researchers, teachers, extension officers, farm managers and private sector representatives in making strategic sector management plans in line with the FAO ecosystem approach to aquaculture;
-- orient them about the possibilities and design principles of more intensive aquaculture techniques such as recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS); and
-- make them familiar with better management practices and certification standards that are growing in importance on the western food market
The course will be organised in cooperation with Wageningen University and private companies.
Application deadline is January 15, 2018.
For more information, visit
North Atlantic Seafood Forum
March 6 – 8, 2018 
Bergen, Norway
The North Atlantic Seafood Forum, organised by the MarLife Biomarine Innovation, will take place at the University of Bergen, in Bergen, Norway.
The conference will cover the vital developments forming the future of the industry, including the latest in innovative and commercial developments.
The forum will also delve into the industry's political and legislative direction, as well as the financial and economic issues affecting the market.
March 6 – 8, 2018
Dubai, UAE
The 2018 edition of AgraME is gearing up to showcase global manufacturers and suppliers in the sectors of aquaculture, as well as crop farming, animal farming and animal health.
Officially endorsed by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, the show should be a must visit for: fish farm operators; agents & distributors; wholesalers & retailers; importers, exporters & traders; investors & entrepreneurs; farm owners & managers; government authorities; industry & trade media; veterinary & animal health specialists; and university researchers & students
Venue of the trade show is the Dubai World Trade Centre.
North Carolina Aquaculture Development Conference
March 7 – 10, 2018
New Bern, North Carolina, USA
This conference is designed to bring together the general public, current and prospective fish farmers, scientists and personnel from regulatory agencies to share information and ideas about the development of aquaculture in North Carolina.
Attendees will learn about several topics relevant to aquaculture species in North Carolina, and find out about the latest aquaculture equipment and products by browsing the trade show.
The event will feature the famous Aquafoods Festival, an "all you care to eat..." gathering to close out Friday's activities, and targeted workshops will wrap up the conference on Saturday morning.
Venue is the New Bern Riverfront Convention Centre in New Bern, North Carolina.
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Korea International Fishing Show (KOFISH 2018)
March 9 – 11, 2018
Goyang, South Korea
The Korea International Fishing Show is a three-day event to be held at the Korea International Exhibition Center (Kintex) in Goyang from March 9 to 11.
This three-day event showcases products like fishing gear and accessories associated with this field in the plant, machinery & equipment, and meat, poultry and seafood industries.
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Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America
March 11 – 13, 2018
Boston, Massachusetts
Formerly the International Boston Seafood Show/Seafood Processing America, Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America is North America's largest seafood exposition. Thousands of buyers and suppliers from around the world attend the annual, three-day exposition to meet, network and do business.
Venue is the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Attending buyers represent importers, exporters, wholesalers, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and other retail and food-service companies. Exhibiting suppliers offer the newest seafood products, processing and packaging equipment, and services available in the seafood market.
The exposition is sponsored by the National Fisheries Institute.
The exposition is produced by Diversified Communications, the international leader in seafood-industry expositions and media.
International Conference on Marine Science & Aquaculture 2018
March 14 – 16, 2018
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Originally called the "Annual Seminar on Marine Science and Aquaculture", which commenced in 2003 in Universiti Malaysia Sabah, this event was rebranded and in 2014 is now known as the "International Conference on Marine Science and Aquaculture", or ICOMSA. 
The theme for ICOMSA 2018 is "Ocean Governance: Issues, Priorities & Strategies". This topic is of global relevance and is particularly important for a country such as Malaysia where marine ecosystem services play a significant role in socio-economic development, aquaculture industry is growing at a fast rate, and seafood consumption is high.
The conference will provide a platform for scientist to present, discuss and share their research, findings and experiences that are related to the theme. Its programme will be structured to include papers dealing with overcoming the challenges through innovative solutions. The goal is to demonstrate how science and new ideas can provide the best possible solutions to the ever-changing marine environment, as well as address existing and evolving challenges that are critical for ocean ecosystem balance and sustainability of benefits derived from ocean-based economies such as fisheries, aquaculture and ecotourism.
The venue of this annual conference is the Sutera Harbour Resort.
For more information, visit
5th International Symposium on Genomics in Aquaculture (GIA 2018)
March 21 – 23, 2018
Algarve, Portugal
Since the first symposium of its kind in 2009, the application of genomics in aquaculture has matured as its own research field. The Genomics in Aquaculture (GIA) series of symposia has become a solid forum for presentations and discussions of the most recent advances in this area.
The GIA2018 will include all farmed fish and shellfish species, new species with aquaculture potential and production-related species (e.g. microalgae). There will be oral and poster presentations covering the application of -omics approaches within the following topics:
    1.  Nutrition and growth
    2.  Stress and immune response
    3.  Reproduction and breeding
    4.  Toxicology and environmental impact
    5.  Zebrafish as a model for aquaculture
For more information, you may contact: or visit
Aquafeed Horizons Asia 2018
March 27, 2018
Bangkok, Thailand
Organised by, the Aquafeed Horizons series of conferences has been arming delegates with the latest processing and formulation solutions to help keep ahead of the trends and changes in the industry since 2006. The conference focuses on practical information related to advances in formulation and processing.
Aquafeed Horizons has become a recognised event in the calendar for commercial aquafeed manufacturers.
This year's 11th edition of Aquafeed Horizons Asia will be held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).
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Aquafeed Extrusion Technology Course (Europe)
April 23 – 25, 2018
As, Norway
This three-day course covers the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes for aquatic feeds, as well as how the formulation interacts with the extrusion process. Principles learned will be demonstrated using the extruder in the Centre for Feed Technology pilot plant. It is relevant to both single- and twin-screw extrusion technology. The course will cover topics from the basics of extruders and their configuration, through what is happening chemically and physically inside the extruder barrel, to an understanding of extruder dies and extruder instability.
Asia-Pacific Aquaculture 2018
April 23 – 26, 2018
Taipei, Taiwan
Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2018 is the place to learn about the latest in aquaculture, see the newest technology in the trade show with exhibits from around the world and, of course, enjoy the many tourist sights in Taiwan.
APA 2018 will have a large exhibition featuring international companies showcasing the latest products, services and all aquaculture-related information.
It will also have special sessions to address the everyday practical concerns and needs of aquaculture farmers. Specific information will be provided on current problems farmers are facing. 
Sessions and workshops will cover all aspects of aquaculture in Taiwan as well as Southeast Asia. Tentative sessions will cover topics on grouper, ornamentals, seaweeds and algae, marine and freshwater fish culture, molluscs and crustaceans, ecology and environment, production systems and food safety, among others.
Food & Feed Drying Technology Course (Europe)
April 26 – 27, 2018
As, Norway
Drying is one of the most common operations in food and feed production. It is used across virtually every sector/commodity. It is critical to the quality and/or functionality of many products, and it is one of our most energy-intensive process operations. Yet it is often poorly understood and inefficient. This two-day course in drying technology combines the practical perspective of experienced industry professionals with the in-depth technical knowledge of drying processes.
10th International Abalone Symposium
May 8 – 12, 2018
Xiamen, China
The IAS 2018 programmes will follow the tradition and focus on the fisheries management, physiology and ecology, aquaculture technology, processing and marketing. All programmes have been developed to facilitate and promote communication through social events, abalone festival, exhibitions, workshops, plenary speeches, oral presentations in theme sessions, and poster presentation sessions.
The 10th International Abalone Symposium will provide you a perfect opportunity to share the most up-to-date research achievements and interact with industrial representatives and policy makers.
Field trip will be a good optional activity for you to explore the abalone farming technology and recent status of Chinese abalone industry.
Aquaculture UK 2018 Exhibition
May 23 – 24, 2018
Aviemore, Scotland, UK

Aquaculture UK is the most important aquaculture exhibition and conference held in the British Isles. The show has a tremendous following and with continued investment it promises to reach even further across the broader aquaculture market, both in the UK and into Europe. It has firmly established itself as an important and truly international trade venue for the aquaculture industry.
Over two days, Aquaculture UK offers a valuable opportunity to network, discover new products and meet decision makers. No other UK event provides aquaculture professionals with such direct access to suppliers from all over the globe representing all aspects of the aquaculture industry. With representatives from all the major aquaculture countries in attendance, the atmosphere is dynamic and exciting with open and friendly interaction between exhibitors and visitors.
11th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries
May 24 – 25, 2018
Osaka, Japan
The 11th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries is scheduled to be held on May 24-25 at Osaka, Japan. The Summit will be featuring prompt keynote, oral and poster presentations and exhibitions.
The theme of the conference is "Innovative and Sustainable Aquaculture", and the venue is the Hyatt Regency.
Aquaculture Summit 2018 attempts to unite a distinctive and world-class blend of researchers, scientists, analysts and leaders both from the scholarly community and industry to trade their insight, experience and research advancements on aquaculture and its associated domain of fsheries.
Aquaculture is probably the fastest growing food-producing sector in the world at present. Farming of aquatic organisms including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants under controlled conditions defines aquaculture. Aquaculture and fisheries has gained momentum all over the world as a viable method to produce seafood over the last decade. According to some experts, increasing demand for fresh fish has put a strain on natural populations.
This event is an opportunity to:
  •  Facilitates effective gathering and discourse among those included in innovative activities in fisheries and aquaculture nationally and internationally as well
  •  Maximize the interchange of insight, experience and research advancements on the concerned topics, which will result in maximum utilisation, cultivation, conservation and development of aquatic resources.
  •  Engage young researchers and scientists to conduct improved studies and researches, which will open up new avenues for a better world.
  •  Extend cooperation between concerned governmental and non-governmental institutions.
  •  Generate public awareness by discussing various advancements and challenges of the aquaculture and fisheries sector and also promote innovative products and services via exhibition
Saltwater fish cultivating started in Japan in 1927, in the quiet waters of the Seto Inland Sea. Full-scale fish cultivating of marine species started in the mid-1950s, utilising nets to make counterfeit "swimming pools for fish" in the sea. It was around then that aquaculture procedures became adequately modern to rear fish in pen.
Commercial aquaculture production in Japan has grown significantly since the end of the 2ndWorld War and today possesses a critical position in the fisheries sector. Yellowtail and sea bream—two favorites in Japan—are the most important fish farm products. Today, the main challenge producers are encountering is maintaining water quality in marine pens.
Aquaculture Summit 2018 aims to educate consumers about the future prospects of aquaculture and fishing and risk management, provide solutions to the challenges by discussing innovative approaches, experiences, research outcomes, services and products related to the concerned issues.
For more info, log on to
10th Euro-Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries
May 28 – 29, 2018
London, UK
This event, also dubbed as Aqua Europe 2018, aims to unite a remarkable and international blend of specialists including aquaculture architects and analysts both from the scholarly community and industry to exchange with one another their insights, experiences and researches on aquaculture.
With the theme "Impeccable Growth of the Aquaculture & Fisheries Sector", the summit will cover new research systems and focus on aquaculture exhibition of new nourishes, angle welfare, anti-infection agents and instruments presented by the aquaculture fisheries labs, among others.
Participating at Aqua Europe 2018 will provide a good opportunity to interact with world-class
aquaculture specialists and fisheries experts, creating a channel for collaborations and partnerships.
Key sessions will delve on:
  •  Aqua farming- techniques & methods extensive culture system
  •  Semi-intensive culture system
  •  Intensive culture system
  •  Shrimp farming & other crustacean farming
  •  Recirculating aquaculture systems – RAS
  •  Aquaponics
  •  Aquaculture diseases and health management
  •  Fisheries and livestock production
  •  Feed and nutrition
  •  Aquaculture and environment interactions
  •  Diversification in aquaculture oceanography
  •  Marine biology
  •  Nutrition delivery and feeding practices
  •  Ingredient formulation and processing
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