February 12, 2016                                               
Aviagen Kft celebrates landmark year for Ross 400 Club

Aviagen® Kft is celebrating a successful 2015 for the Ross® 400 Club in Central and Eastern Europe.

Last year saw a record number of entries to the Club which recognises and rewards farmers who have achieved a European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) of 400 or more with their Ross flocks.

So far, a total of 18 entries were recorded, with the highest EPEF score for the region an impressive 438.26. Of all the entries, 13 were received from Hungary, three from Serbia and two from Latvia.

"We launched the Ross 400 Club to let farmers know that their exceptional hard work with Ross broilers is something to be shared and recognised," said Marcel Janssen, regional technical manager of Aviagen. "…we are delighted with the sheer number of entries and the high scores. We are confident these achievements will see the Club go from strength to strength in 2016."

"It was a busy and exciting year for the Ross 400 Club in Serbia. To have three entries from Serbia alone for the year is a huge achievement and credit must go to the farmers for their hard work and outstanding stockmanship," said Dejan Bosanac, Aviagen Kft's technical service manager, who is responsible for the Serbian customer base. "Their dedication and skills, coupled with the performance potential of the Ross broiler, achieved excellent results, even in challenging climatic conditions."

"We are proud that our customers have made the Ross 400 Club a success in Hungary. It is great that we can recognise the hard work and talent of the new members," Csaba Suszter, technical service manager of Aviagen ft, remarked.

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