February 12, 2016


Dostofarm sets up US subsidiary




Dostofarm has set up its US subsidiary in Minneapolis, Minnesota as part of its expansion into the country.


To help US livestock farmers prepare for the coming changes in 2017, when the US FDA's Veterinary Feed Directive requires blanket authorisation for antibiotic inclusion in animal feed, Dostofarm North America Inc is now selling Dostofarm's full suite of all-natural, oregano-derived products.


"The USA is a key market for Dostofarm, due to the country's status of having the highest per capita meat consumption", says Thomas Logemann, CEO of Dostofarm. His company aims to significantly expand the existing partnership with the US supplier Form-A-Feed as well as develop additional partnerships as the company expands into Canada and Mexico. The selected location offers ideal conditions, since there is intensive animal husbandry in the region.


The new subsidiary is managed by Emily F. Slaby. She is a specialist in chemistry and biology with education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University. Ms. Slaby has several years of experience in sales and product management of feed supplements. 

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