February 12, 2015


Thai ministry launches safe-meat campaign before Chinese New Year



The Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will launch on Friday, February 13, a public awareness campaign on safe meat consumption, timed before the Chinese New Year, at Bangkok's Yingcharoean Market.


The campaign aims to encourage meat vendors to sell quality products during this season when demand for pork, poultry and eggs are expected to rise. 


The Livestock Development Department, the overseer of the campaign, is seeking to educate consumers in choosing unaffected meat and eggs. One tip offered is to check for a 'Q' quality assurance trademark on a product, which verifies that the product is approved based on the department's requirements.


There are concerns that meats may be obtained from inferior slaughter facilities and sick animals. Also, the coming winter raises fears about viral infections in animals. 


The department has so far approved 9,000 animal farms, 1,874 slaughterhouses and 4,000 meat markets which have met the sanitary standards.

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