February 11, 2015


Jordan's wheat imports up 50% in 2014  


Swelling demand had prompted Jordan to import over 2.1 million tonnes of wheat and barley last year, Trade Ministry spokesman Yanal Barmawi said.


The 2014 imports were valued at US$616 million, higher than the $538.3 million recorded in 2013.


According to Barmawi, wheat imports totalled 1.2 million tonnes and valued at US$360.5 million. Last year's deliveries of the crop increased by more than 50% and nearly 90%, in terms of volume and value, respectively.


The rise in imports was partly due to the entry of Syrian refugees onto Jordanian soil, said Barmwai. Anticipating increased consumption, the trade ministry has tendered 200,000 tonnes of wheat and the same quantity for barley.   


"Jordan hosts large numbers of Syrians and people of other nationalities, and the country is a preferred destination for Arab tourists," Barmawi said.


In addition, he assured that Jordan's strategic reserve of grain could last for more than 10 months.


96% of Jordan's wheat supply is imported, while the rest is produced locally.

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