February 9, 2017


Trouw Nutrition to build on Micronutrients US success





Following its successful seminar at last week's IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia, US, Trouw Nutrition shared with eFeedLink how feed millers and farmers in Europe and Asia can expect to benefit from Micronutrients' US success in trace minerals.


Director of Swine Nutrition at Micronutrients, James Usry, said, "The seminar saw a full house of about 150 people with new customer faces. It provided them a bird's-eye view of our product lines and what we do to market our products.

One of our recent offerings is the Optimin portfolio which we support the Selko team in."

Selko is the feed additives brand of Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company. Micronutrients was acquired by Nutreco in the first quarter of 2016.

Usry added, "In the US our market share is about 60 to 70% for certain trace minerals. The figure is about 50% for the swine sector, and about 15 to 20% for the ruminant sector, which we are building upon.

With pressure on the industry to reduce the use of minerals, our recent research is into how the immune status of animals can be maintained through use of our minerals, and we have shown that our slow-release minerals work better than conventional fast-release ones."

Elaborating on the presentations at the seminar, Michael Gerrits, Global Marketing Director Feed Additives, Trouw Nutrition, said, "The key takeaway from the first presentation is that in response to the AMR (antimicrobial resistance) situation worldwide, Selko is showing how the industry can adopt a holistic approach using a combination of feed additives, along with farm and health management practices.

The second presentation showed the link between copper and zinc supplementation, and how the industry can positively impact animal health through the use of Micronutrients' IntelliBond range.

The last presentation covered Trouw Nutrition's NutriOpt platform, which is used by nutritionists to improve profitability in the nutritional area."

According to Gerrits, Trouw Nutrition is helping the industry to manage the change from antibiotic-based diets to antibiotic-free ones. "It is our mission to help our clients maintain their profit levels during this period of change, and to decrease their time needed to get back the same performance parameters," Gerrits highlighted.

Leveraging on Micronutrients' success in the US market, Trouw Nutrition is adopting a mixed business model globally: in the US, Micronutrients continues to operate independently, whereas elsewhere in the world, Micronutrients would be incorporated into the Selko brand sold by Trouw Nutrition.

Outside of the US, Mexico and Brazil were the first markets Micronutrients successfully ventured into, due to the ease of sorting out regulatory issues. Micronutrients products have also been made available in Europe. Rollout in the Asia market will come later, after Trouw Nutrition has completed product registrations for its important copper and zinc products already available in the US, according to Gerrits.
eFeedLink staff (centre) speaking to James Usry (left) and Michael Gerrits (right)
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