February 8, 2023


Global commercial aquaculture output growing at an average of 13% annually



Andrey Golokhvastov, director of Agriconsult, said global aquaculture production is growing by an average of 13% annually, and the production of aquaculture in the world has doubled in the past ten years, Fish Information & Services reported.


Golokhvastov said the aquaculture production grew 1.6 times in the last five years, while the global fish catch is slowing down from year to year.


The expert said approximately 4,700 thousand tonnes of wild fish are harvested in Russia each year, with the volume of catch fluctuating within 3% annually. In comparison, the share of commercial aquaculture in total catch increased from 4% to 7% between 2017 and 2021, and the average annual growth rate of commercial aquaculture production is 13% in the country.


Carp species are the most actively bred in Russian aquaculture, accounting for 41% of total production. Golokhvastov said that the production of salmon aquaculture objects more than doubled from 2018 to 2021, with salmon accounting for 38% of the market by 2022.


Golokhvastov said the investment potential of the aquaculture industry is about RUB 60 billion (~US$845 million; RUB 10 = US$0.14). 


-      Fish Information & Services

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