February 8, 2023


US egg prices drop, but experts warn it might not decline further



Data from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) showed the average price for a carton of a dozen large white eggs was US$3.08, down from US$3.32 last week, but US poultry experts have warned it might not decline further due to the threat of bird flu and inflation, Fox43 reported.


Dr Andrew Vassallo, associate professor of economics and chair of the economics department at Shippensburg University, said prices are declining as supply constraints start to ease.


However, Gino Lorenzoni, assistant professor of poultry science and avian health at Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, warned that the threat of avian flu remains.


He said the entire industry is concerned about the outbreak's future.


Bird flu infections were confirmed in two Lancaster County flocks last week, one at a duck farm and the other at a commercial poultry farm.


More than 35,000 birds were affected by the bird flu outbreaks combined.


Lorenzoni said the current outbreak has proven to be more lethal and widespread than previous outbreaks, adding that non-migratory birds and wild birds are also becoming infected.


The US bird flu outbreak has killed more than 10% of the country's egg-laying hens.


Grant Gulibon, the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau's environmental specialist, said that bird flu isn't the only factor influencing egg prices.


Gulibon said farmers need to account for inputs such as food, fuel, and fibre, which has become more expensive due to inflation.


Dr Vassallo said that buying eggs for less than US$2 is still a long way off.


-      Fox43

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