February 7, 2024

China Hog: Price strengthen 16% in three weeks on amid pre-festive buying (week ended Feb 5, 2024)

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With the support of strong pre-Chinese New Year sales, hog prices surged for the third consecutive week. Over the past three weeks, hg prices have increased tremendously by 16%. Year-on-year, hog prices were higher by 14%.

Compared with a week ago, pork slaughter volume increased 4.6% to 11,223 tonnes while pork carcass prices strengthened 6.5% to RMB21.45/kg.

On average, hog prices surged 9.1% to RMB16.05/kg, from RMB14.72/kg over the past week. Compared with a year ago, prices were higher by 14%.

Sales of pork are set to slow with the Chinese New Year holidays approaching. The upward scope of hog market will be limited in the coming period.



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