February 7, 2013


Sujaya Group expands into feed business with Muyang
press release




Sujaya Group, a leading poultry producer in Indonesia, will expand into feed business with the investment of a new feed mill project.


Recently, the largest vertically integrated layers producer in the Kalimantan region decided to tap on opportunities that Indonesia's poultry & livestock market could bring, by building a feed mill and becoming a vertical integrator in animal farming. It will build a complete poultry feed mill project in the Jakarta area, which will be installed with Muyang's equipment.


The feed mill will boast an annual capacity of 360,000 tonnes. Muyang's delivery includes processing equipment, robotic palletising lines, storage silos and the steel structure main workshop. The processing lines will feature energy conservation hammer mill system and Poultry Pellet Mill with DDC Conditioner for premium feed production.


"We are pleased to have forged this strategic partnership with Muyang Group. Its competences and expertise will allow us to begin demonstrating the value in feed-to-food chain and help unlock its potential," said Sujaya's Chairman and CEO.


"This new business will help strengthen our marketing reach, while delivering best-in-class animal products to customers."


Sujaya Group is also involved in broiler, egg trays and pig businesses.