February 5, 2016


Ayurvet introduces 'Ecobiotics' at IPPE 2016




Ayurvet introduced the concept of 'Ecobiotics' at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) held January 26-28, 2016 at Atlanta, US.


The Ecobiotics range includes Alternate Growth Promoter (AGP), an alternative to Antibiotics, Salcochek Pro, a gut function modulator, and Respzz, which provides relief from respiratory distress. Ecobiotics is said to be a new range of solutions which can replace synthetic antibiotics effectively and bring about desired beneficial effects.


For Ecobiotics, phytogenic ingredients work in synergy which potentiates their beneficial role. They reduce pathogenic bacteria but do not harm any beneficial bacteria and enhance them. They also help in improving the length of intestinal villi, villus height and crypt depth which results in better nutrient retention and growth. The phytogenic ingredients also increase the number of Goblet cells in the gut, and as a result, gut immunity is improved. In the respiratory tract, the phytogenic ingredients inhibit bacteria proliferation, improve immunity and have a bronchodilator effect, helping to maintain growth rate.


Prior to the Expo, technical sessions were held on January 25, where a keynote address on antibiotic residues and human safety concerns was made. Professor Randall Singer, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, US made the keynote address entitled "Antibiotic Usage in Poultry: Assessing the Effects on Antibiotic Resistance and Human Health".


Antibiotic resistance is a critically important issue affecting the health of humans and animal populations, and is of prime focus for US scientists. There is a need to address existing practices and the challenges affecting attempts to mitigate antibiotic resistance in the poultry production system, meaning that there is a lot of scope for natural products such as AGP.


A poster presentation on the product Methiorep (a University of Georgia study in layers by Prof. Kim) and a hypocholesterolemic product (an Oregon State University study in layers by Prof. Cherian) were made by Dr. Shivi Maini to the science fraternity as well as industry professionals. Oral presentations on the products Ayucee Premix and Ayucee Liquid were also made in a "Metabolism & Nutrition" session.

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