February 5, 2015


Cargill starts selling Syngenta's MIR 162 corn after China's approval



Cargill Inc had started selling the Agrisure Viptera corn in January this year, following China's approval of genetically modified organism (GMO), Reuters reported.


In addition, the company withdrew a policy that obligated farmers to provide advance notice of shipments containing the corn. The move was meant to prevent accidental deliveries of the GMO to markets where approvals were not given.


Also known 'MIR 162', the Viptera corn was at the center of a controversy which saw the disruption of the US grain trade to China, as well as a Cargill lawsuit against its maker, Syngenta AG, for commercialising the product before even gaining permission from China.


In the aftermath of the fallout, Syngenta had stated in a written confirmation that MIR 162 had been approved by Beijing.


Cargill had since become more stringent in its dealings with GMOs; for example, Duracade, another GMO corn developed by Syngenta, had yet to be accepted as it had not been approved by China.


According to estimations by the National Grain and Feed Association in April 2014, China's rejection of shipments containing Viptera corns in November 2013 had afflicted a US$1 billion loss to the US agricultural industry.

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