February 4, 2020


Kemin names Leo Xie-Lei president of KeminAquaScience


Xie-Lei will helm the company's newest business unit as its first president transitions into strategic corporate leadership



Kemin Industries has appointed Leo Xie-Lei as President of KeminAquaScience, the company's global business unit that serves the aquaculture industry with sustainable solutions as it shifts from wild-catch to farmed fish and shrimp. Xie-Lei is succeeding KeminAquaScience's first president, KP Philip, who will continue to lead strategic projects for Kemin Industries.


Xie-Lei joined Kemin as chief commercial officer for KeminAquaScience in late 2018. He also served as regional director for China, building the KeminAquaScience business there from the ground up.


Dr Chris Nelson, President and CEO, Kemin said Leo joined KeminAquaScience when it was just beginning, and he has been an asset and a leader in the business since day one. He added that KP has built a strong foundation for our newest global business unit, andis excited to see Leo continue to advance Kemin in the aquaculture industry.


Xie-Lei has spent the last decade in leadership positions in the nutrition and food industry. Prior to joining Kemin, he served as President of Asia Pacific for Royal DSM NV's Food Specialty Business Group. He also held several senior positions with DSM in the Asia Pacific region, Europe and China.


Xie-Lei said being part of the KeminAquaScience team since its launch has been a tremendous experience, and he looks forward to continuing its strong momentum as Kemin expandsits product portfolio and global reach.


Xie-Lei earned his bachelor's degree from Shanghai University in China and an MBA from RSM Erasmus University in the Netherlands. He is currently based in Shanghai and will continue to lead KeminAquaScience from China.