February 4, 2015


Russian firm Cherkizovo to build 7 feedlots




Russia's largest meat and feed producer, Cherkizovo Group, has announced it will proceed with its plan to build seven feedlots in the Voronezh Oblast region. The group already has facilities there for the production of compound feed as well as large storage facilities for grain.


Cherkizovo said the planned seven feedlots will enable the company to produce more than 35,000 tonnes of marketable pork per year and triple output in regional facilities to over 50,000 tonnes live weight per year.


To meet the demand of the additional pork population, Cherkizovo said it will build a feed mill with the capacity of 375,000 tonnes per year in the Semiluksky District. 


Cherkizovo said it has so far invested nearly US$300 million in Voronezh Oblast region. In 2013 Cherkizovo produced 14,000 tonnes of pork and 95,000 tonnes of poultry. It also harvested nearly 103,000 tonnes of crops on 27,000 hectares in the region.


Within the last five years, Cherkizovo has invested over $1 billion into the development of Russia's agriculture sector.


Its brands include Cherkizovsky, Petelinka, Kurinoe Tsarstvo, and Mosselprom.

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