February 3, 2015


Ireland aims for 50% boost in milk supply by 2020



By 2020, Ireland hopes to boost its national milk supply by 50%. To accommodate this ambition, dairy quotas will be raised for the first time in 30 years, giving farmers more leeway for higher production.


In addition, a US$53 million investment from the government and ten dairy companies had been channeled to two dairy facilities.


Out of that sum, about US$36 million will be allocated for establishing the upcoming Dairy Processing Technology Centre, overseen by Ireland's University of Limerick.


Teagasc, the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, and industry shareholders will invest the remaining US$15 million in expanding the existing Moorepark Technology Ltd (MTL) in Fermoy, Co Cork.


"Ultimately, this investment can build (a) reputation for excellence in dairy that creates a platform not only for export growth, but also for inward investment by major global players in the food industry", said Ireland's Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney.


This recent exercise, however, had occurred against a backdrop of declining dairy consumptions among the Irish citizenry. 


Local milk intake sunk by 17.1% during December 2014 while butter output fell by 1.8% to 5,400 tonnes.

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