February 2, 2024


CP Foods' broiler farm recognised for smart farming excellence by Asian Productivity Organisation


Thailand's Department of Livestock Development, in collaboration with the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO), recognised CP Foods' Kroksomboon broiler farm for its exceptional adoption of smart farming technology, Asia Food Journal reported.


The farm, celebrated for its commitment to animal welfare and sustainable practices, has become a key learning hub for APO members from 19 countries.


In a recent visit, government officials, lecturers, farmers, and experts from the Asia Pacific region commended Kroksomboon Farm for its successful integration of digital solutions to enhance productivity in broiler farming. The collaborative effort aims to share valuable insights and best practices with small-scale farmers across the Asia Pacific, contributing to regional food security.


Ratchada Asisonthisakul, director of the Special Project Promotion Division at the Thailand Productivity Institute, highlighted the educational significance of the farm visit. APO members gained practical insights into the implementation of smart farming systems and best practices in broiler farming. The knowledge acquired is expected to modernise livestock farming practices and policies in the region, fostering the development of the next generation of farmers.


Dr Mukund Marotrao Kadam, associate professor at the Poultry Research and Training Centre, praised CP Foods' management and biosecurity measures. He said that the expertise shared by CP Foods will benefit farmers, students, and stakeholders, promoting growth in the livestock industry.


Surachate Pinklao, senior director at CP Foods, underscored the company's dedication to creating advanced smart farms with a strong focus on animal welfare. Kroksomboon Farm, recognised by the Livestock Development Department for its innovative practices, showcases CP Foods' commitment to producing high-quality, safe, and chemical-free poultry.


Kroksomboon Farm, known for being antibiotics-free and not using growth promoters, is a pioneer in poultry farming. Its flagship product, Benja Chicken, represents CP Foods' premium offering, raised under animal welfare practices without antibiotic use throughout its entire lifespan. The farm utilises cutting-edge digital technology and IoT systems for effective farm management and animal care.


The Asian Productivity Organization (APO), a key international body dedicated to enhancing productivity in the Asia-Pacific region, included the visit to Kroksomboon Farm as a critical component of their international seminar on Smart Poultry Farming. This event facilitated knowledge sharing among government representatives, educational experts, and small and medium enterprise (SME) leaders in the livestock sector.


-        Asia Food Journal

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