February 2, 2023

China Choline Chloride: Substantial price falls (week ended Jan 30, 2023)

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Sales of choline chloride limited before and after the Chinese New Year holidays. Choline chloride producers who were eager to clear mounting inventories cut prices lately.

Export prices of 50% choline chloride and 60% products dipped to US$0.75/kg and US$0.80/kg respectively while those of 70-75% liquid products slid to US$0.90/kg.

In China, transacted prices of 50% choline chloride were at RMB5.10-5.80/kg and those of 60% choline chloride fell to RMB5.44/kg. Prices of 70%-75% liquid products were decreased to RMB6.12/kg.

Demand for feed is unlikely to be strong in February due to high release volumes before the Chinese New Year. Sales of choline chloride are therefore set to be slow, exerting pressure on the market.

Full version of the report is available at: https://spoutinfo.com/market-forecast-detail/29/32/325/4622


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