February 1, 2023


Sanovo enters into strategic collaboration with Fornari during IPPE 2023




Sanovo Technology Group and Fornari Industry recently announced a new collaboration on manufacturing of selected Sanovo equipment for the South America region.


Formalised during this year's International Production and Processing Expo in Georgia, the United States, the partnership will bring together Sanovo's expertise from the egg, hatchery and poultry industry with Fornari's experience in manufacturing and sales locally to the same, common industry.


With the conclusion of the collaboration, both parties will strengthen their position in the market with a better opportunity to be able to adapt the range of machine solutions to customers in South America as well as create equipment and processes that will improve efficiency and quality for the regional market.


Both companies share a strong commitment to sustainability, a dedication to using new technologies, and a focus on quality, making this collaboration a natural fit, according to Sanovo.


With their combined resources and expertise, Sanovo and Fornari are confident that they will be able to make a continued significant impact in the egg, hatchery, and poultry industries in South America and beyond.


- Sanovo

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