February 1, 2017


European Commission allots US$178.035M to fight animal diseases in 2017



The European Commission has committed to set aside nearly €165 million (US$178.035 million) to fight animal diseases and zoonoses (animal diseases that are communicable to humans) as well as further support the survey programmes for plant pests this year.


The funds allocated will help national authorities in the EU member states to identify and act against animal disease outbreaks that can have a serious impact on human health, economy and trade.


The EC said that in the animal health area, €150 million ($161.8 million) was awarded to support the eradication, control and surveillance for 131 programmes including bovine tuberculosis, salmonellosis, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (which affect the brain and nervous system of many animals), and bovine brucellosis (an economically important cause of abortions in cattle).


In addition, €9.5 million ($10.25 million) has been allocated in 2017 (over €2 million increase compared with 2016) to tackle African swine fever.


In the plant-health area, EU has committed close to €14 million to support the survey programmes for 46 plant pests in 24 member states this year.

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