January 31, 2023


Recent salmonella cases in Sweden linked to eggs




More than 20 people have fallen ill in Sweden with the source of their infections suspected to be eggs.


The salmonella enteritidis outbreak involved 22 people from 11 different regions.


In late December 2022, salmonella enteritidis was identified at CA Cedergren, a major Swedish producer in one of the egg-laying stables during a routine check, which led to several recalls.


Some sick people ate meals containing eggs from the now-recalled batches, so there is a likely connection to the salmonella finding at the egg producer, said the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten).


In recent days, a larger number of salmonella infections have been reported than was expected. These isolates have not yet been typed to determine the strain.


However, several ill people mentioned the consumption of products with eggs from suspected contaminated batches so there is a potential that the number of people in the outbreak will increase.


Due to the recalls, there should be no contaminated eggs left in stores or restaurants but it is possible that consumers still have them at home.


The outbreak is being investigated by the Swedish Agency for Agriculture, the Swedish Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket), the Public Health Agency of Sweden as well as regional and local authorities.


National control programme data shows it is very unusual to find salmonella in Swedish meat or eggs and most people who get sick are affected abroad or by imported food. However, since the detection of salmonella in Swedish eggs in December, a number of recalls have been issued.


Alerts have been made by Coop, Axfood, ICA, Lidl, and Kronägg involving different pack sizes of eggs.


Salmonella was found at a farm in Småland in late December and the Swedish Agency for Agriculture decided that 165,000 laying hens must be culled.


- Food Safety News

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