January 31, 2017


Kenya allocates US$13M for purchase of livestock in drought-hit areas



The Kenyan government has allotted US$13 million for the purchase of animals in drought-hit areas to cushion farmers from losses.


"Already US$6 million has been used to purchase livestock from farmers in the drought-hit areas", Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Vice Minister Andrew Tuimur said, according to a report from the Chinese state-owned Xinhua.


The government will slaughter the animals bought from farmers and use them to feed the locals.


Tuimur added that another $6.5 million would be spent for livestock purchase.


Tuimur said that animal herders have been one of the biggest causalities of the drought, which began last year and which has affected 23 counties.


A prolonged drought could further worsen the food insecurity, according to experts.

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