January 30, 2017


Online courses on shrimp diseases offered in Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish



The Responsible Aquaculture Foundation (RAF) is offering courses on managing major shrimp diseases at aquaculture farms and hatcheries in Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish.


The courses are translated versions of "Managing Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei at Shrimp Farms", "Managing Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei at Shrimp Hatcheries", "Managing Early Mortality Syndrome at Shrimp Farms" and "Managing Early Mortality Syndrome at Shrimp Hatcheries. They are available at http://edu.responsibleaqua.orgat no charge.


From the homepage, users can select translated versions of the page that include links to the new courses. After choosing a course, users must create an account to continue. This initial registration provides access to all available courses.


"Users around the world have already taken the RAF courses in English," RAF President George Chamberlain said. "These translations will now deliver this important information to additional regions hit by these diseases. That's our goal­-to get the courses to those who need them, both online and through regional coordination with partner groups".


First licensed supporter


Hanaqua Tech Inc. recently became the first licensed supporter of the RAF Education Programme. The Taiwan-based aquafeed and technical service company has been incorporating RAF material in its customer workshops.


"RAF invites other companies to join us in supporting this programme to extend the much-needed information to affected farms", Chamberlain said.


RAF is developing additional courses to help the global aquaculture industry better manage animal and system health. Its goal is to create educational materials that address a full range of aquaculture topics.


For more information on the courses, you may contact Steve Hart at steve.hart@responsibleaqua.org.

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