Zinpro Corporation exhibited at IPPE 2020 from January 28-30 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

In addition to learning more about Zinpro solutions for poultry producers, attendees acquired information about the integration of Paragon Specialty Products into the Zinpro portfolio of products and the launch of two global tools, the Zinpro BlueBox™ and Perfect Carcass™ tool. The integration and new tools are designed to assist poultry producers in maximising their production and profitability.

Paragon Specialty Products is now Zinpro Specialty Products™. In November 2018, Zinpro acquired Paragon Specialty Products, a leader in water-soluble-based animal nutritional products. The acquisition has allowed Zinpro the ability to provide customers with a total poultry nutrition solution, including water-soluble nutrition products, that best meet the evolving needs and demands of the poultry industry.

The Zinpro BlueBox is an eggshell quality evaluation tool developed by Zinpro with a specific scoring system that assesses the structure of eggs by examining translucency and colour. The tool is a custom-made blue metal enclosure that allows for the translucency of eggs to be captured and evaluated in a quantitative method using the Zinpro egg scoring system. The results from this programme help address production and nutritional improvement opportunities that could provide producers with a stronger return on investment and avoid a potential reduction in chick numbers from eggs exhibiting subclinical defects that are prone to produce a poor-quality chick.

Perfect Carcass Tool (PCT) is a visual guide system developed to support the poultry industry in identifying, quantifying and estimating the economic impact of defects found in broiler carcasses. The software tool is driven by databases that compare parameters among producers in the same geographic area, breed, densities, growing conditions and type of management. The tool allows Zinpro to work with poultry operations to understand their needs and develop a customised nutrition solution to increase the carcass value, providing a wholesome and safe product to the consumer.

"It is important that we provide our customers with tools and solutions that allow them to make crucial business decisions regarding the health of their animals, while ensuring they are meeting their revenue goals and expectations," said Paco Fernandez, global poultry advisory lead for Zinpro Corporation. "As the global leader in poultry nutrition, we partner with our customers to ensure their success, both on the farm and in the business office."

More information can be found at: www.zinpro.com/species/poultry

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