January 29, 2018

ForFarmers announces reopening of second feed mill in Netherlands


ForFarmers has announced the reopening of its feed mill in Deventer, the Netherlands, which was closed on January 1, 2015.


The facility, located next to an operational mill, will immediately undergo intensive renovation. The decision to put the mill to use again coincides with recent developments concerning growing feed sales and increasing demand for non-GMO feed.


The renovated plant, with a maximum production capacity of 250,000 tonnes, can be fully deployed for the production of non-GMO and VLOG-certified (Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik) compound feed.

The interest in non-GMO dairy products, specifically in Germany, is on the rise. ForFarmers claimed that as a result, the demand for non-GMO feed continues to rise, especially in the ruminant sector (dairy, beef, goats and sheep). This prompted ForFarmers to reopen the Deventer-based site and to fit it specifically for the production of non-GMO and VLOG-certified compound feed.


VLOG is a German association responsible for certifying and issuing the 'Ohne Gentechnik' label (non-GMO). The reopening of the plant also brings with it an increase in the total available production capacity to continue to meet the growing demand for ruminant feed.


"The reopening of our plant in Deventer, as the first large-scale specialised production facility in The Netherlands for 100% non-GMO certified feed for ruminants, is good news both for us and for our customers," said David Fousert, ForFarmers' director of ruminants.


"With this, we are responding to an important and growing demand from the market. Moreover, we are optimising our own production process for this type of feed. As a result, we are keeping the costs for the complexity of this supply chain under control and we can pass on these savings to our customers."

ForFarmers plans to reopen the plant this year, taking into account a renovation period of nine months. The renovation, with an investment of over EUR3 million (US$3.7 million), have started this month.
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