January 29, 2016


US-based Calysta seeks business opportunities in China for fishmeal alternatives



Dennis Leong, vice president of business development at US biotech company, Calysta, was in China on a business trip recently, together with the company's production manager, Allan LeBlanc. They had met the deputy secretary-general of China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA), Di Gang, to discuss business opportunities for fishmeal alternatives in China. 


Calysta's FeedKind is a natural single-cell protein derived from the microbial reactions between methane and water. It is a cost-competitive alternative to conventional fishmeal, and has been approved for use by the European Union safety regulators. It is currently being used by feed supplier, EWOS, in their salmon feed.


Besides looking to expand its business into China, Calysta also hope to promote its feed technology here with the right business partners. With existing sources of fishmeal supply becoming scarce in the future, the demand for FeedKind will definitely be on the rise once it has been widely accepted by the aquaculture industry.

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