January 29, 2015


Indonesia severs fishing agreement with China


Indonesian PreisdentJoko Widodo is taking a tough stance against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in Indonesian waters.


The country has been confiscating several Chinese-linked vessels for alleged poaching, and it is known that six of the detained fishing vessels belong to Indonesia Xinuoshunli Fisheries, a wholly-owned company set up by Fujian PingtanHengli Fisheries Ltd in 2007.


Furthermore, in a statement released by the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry last Friday, the Indonesia government is revoking a fishing deal signed with China last year which allowed Chinese fishing companies to fish in Indonesian waters via joint ventures with local companies.Indonesia is also banning large fishing operations by foreign vessels in its waters.


In response, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying cited at a press briefing on Tuesday that China is ready to work hand in hand with Indonesian to ensure sound and steady development of bilateral fishery cooperation. In addition, China hopes that the Indonesian government would take concrete measures to safeguard the investment interests of Chinese companies in Indonesia as well as the lawful rights and interests of the Chinese crew.

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