January 28, 2020


Kemin launches latest phytogenic feed additive product VANNIX C4 




Ingredient manufacturer Kemin Industries has launched VANNIX™ C4, a novel phytogenic feed additive, which is the latest addition to its lineup of poultry gut-health solutions from Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – North America.


VANNIX C4 is a proprietary formulation of natural, gut-health-fortifying ingredients designed as a cost-effective solution for producers to minimise the impact of enteric challenges on poultry performance.


It joins the existing line of "Knock Out" solutions in the Kemin Gut Health Triple Check: CLOSTAT®, CLOSTAT® WS and KEM SAN®. Knock Out solutions are designed to support intestinal balance by inhibiting or eliminating harmful pathogens for healthier and better-performing flocks.


"With more than 50 percent of commercial poultry raised without antibiotics today, producers are challenged to manage flock health with fewer tools, avoid overuse of current solutions and maximise their long-term efficacy," said Rachel Tonda, associate product manager of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – North America.


"As a novel phytogenic feed additive, VANNIX C4 offers producers a new tool to support and rotate into gut health management programmes, helping to promote performance and preserve the efficacy of current products", she added.


Kemin said the following features differentiate VANNIX C4 from conventional phytogenic feed additives on the market today:


-- Unique formulation of tannins, phytogenic molecules, probiotics and beta-glucans;

-- Standardised active ingredients to ensure consistent response; and

-- Tandem performance support in combination with coccidiosis vaccination.


Research has shown that select phytogenic molecules can reduce the impact of enteritic pathogens—such as Eimeria and Clostridium perfringens—on poultry performance. Additionally, probiotics have been shown to promote a healthy intestinal microbial balance in poultry, which may support the overall health and performance of the animal.