January 27, 2023


Selko TECHTalks at IPPE 2023: Precision nutrition strategies to support flock performance and poultry producers' businesses


As poultry producers strive to maintain their flocks' health and performance while managing diet costs, Selko, Nutreco's global feed additive brand, together with Trouw Nutrition, the livestock feed business line of Nutreco, are sharing research insights to support producers' objectives.

During this week's International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, Selko delivered two TECHTalks highlighting strategies to optimise trace mineral bioavailability, support gut health and bring a greater degree of precision to improve functional nutrition.

The following is a look at science-based nutrition innovations and research showcased at the Trouw Nutrition booth and presented during IPPE TECHTalk presentations:

    - Trace minerals - Source, size and structure can improve availability and flock performance: Although trace minerals such as copper, manganese and zinc represent very small portions of the poultry diet, birds' ability to access and use these dietary elements is essential for maintaining health and performance. The Selko TECHTalk "OptisizeTM, because size matters" discussed how an ideal trace mineral particle size can optimise mineral availability in the diet. Selko researchers identified an ideal hydroxychloride mineral particle size that is relatively large (to improve handling characteristics) but reduces in size post-absorption for greater availability. Unlike inorganic sulphate minerals, IntelliBond® hydroxy trace minerals are composed of tight covalent bonds that make them less soluble than sulphates and allow the mineral to stay intact until it can be utilised by the bird in the proper area of the gastrointestinal tract. IntelliBond has been shown to improve mixability and availability of minerals and improve stability of other essential feed ingredients, such as vitamins, to support proper flock performance.

    - Water acidification – Supporting performance and gut health: On the farm, water acidification offers an opportunity to achieve an optimal pH that supports efficient digestion, gut health and growth performance. Specific blends of organic acids in Selko® water acidifiers help lower and stabilise water pH. Achieving an acidic pH helps to inhibit harmful agents such as salmonella and Clostridium that do not fare well in an acidic environment. The benefits of water acidification are dependent upon precise, accurate and consistent dosing. The Selko TECHTalk, "On-farm titration and solar panel system: A more sustainable way to dose water acidification", showed how on-farm analysis of water can inform precise acidifier levels. The talk also presented processes for dosing acidifiers into the farm's water line to assure a consistent and accurate flow of organic acid blends across the line. For poultry producers in regions where the power supply is unreliable, Selko recently introduced a solar panel option that offers continuous dosing even when the power supply is interrupted.


"As stakeholders across the poultry supply chain deal with rising energy prices and unpredictable commodity costs, science-based nutrition offers a higher degree of precision and efficiency to support producers' businesses," said Nienke de Groot, strategic marketing manager of Trouw Nutrition LATAM.


- Selko / Trouw Nutrition

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