January 26, 2023


2022 UK beef production 1.9% higher compared to 2021



Total UK beef production in 2022 reached an estimated 906,400 tonnes, 1.9% or 17,000 higher compared to 2021 and roughly in line with the 5-year average (-0.2%), the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board reported.


74,800 tonnes of beef and veal were produced in December 2022, 11.1% or 9,300 tonnes lower compared to November 2022 but 7.3% or 5,100 tonnes higher compared to December 2021.


A total of 161,700 prime cattle were estimated to have been slaughtered, a decrease of 16,300 or 9.2% from November. As a result, throughputs for the entire year increased by 1.5% to 1.99 million head.


The average case weight for December was 342.1 kg, an increase of 0.6% or 2.1kg over November and the first increase in six months. However, they fell 3.1 kg or 0.9% short of the 345.6 kg 12-month average for December. The average carcase weight for 2022 decreased 0.3% annually to 345.2 kg, which is just 0.4 kg below the average for the previous five years.


The number of cattle slaughtered in the UK was 60,800 in December 2022, down 18.0% or 13,300 from November 2022. December throughputs were 7.9% or 4,400 head higher than a year ago and was the third highest of the year. The total number of throughputs in 2022 was 673,700 head, an increase of 5.1% or 32,800 head over 2021 and 1.9% or 12,800 head over the five-year average.


-      UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

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