January 26, 2018


Pancosma and BASF intensify joint enforcement of intellectual property rights for metal-glycinates




Pancosma SA and BASF SE have intensified their efforts to enforce their intellectual property rights for their metal-glycinates.


In mid-September 2017, a second lawsuit was filed against a potential patent infringer at the district court of Düsseldorf, Germany, which is still ongoing. And in October 2016, both companies had initiated legal action by filing lawsuits against potential patent infringers at the same district court.


Pancosma and BASF's metal-glycinates are trace elements organically bound to glycine, for e.g., copper, iron, manganese and zinc for use in animal feed. The metal-glycinates offered by both companies are patent-protected due to their unique chemical structures and the technology that is used to produce them. Due to their superior bioavailability, the metal-glycinates have an optimal impact on both the animal, in terms of improved vitality and performance, as well as on the environment, with less excreted minerals and trace elements. The products are dustless, free-flowing granules with excellent mixing properties, and dissolve easily in water. Both companies are successfully marketing these metal-glycinates for animal nutrition.

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