January 26, 2015


Indonesian JV demonstrates BRF's expansion in Asia



A recent US$200 million Indonesian joint venture with Indofood highlights BRF SA's efforts to engage deeper into the Asian market, say Marcos Jank, the poultry exporter's head of corporate affairs in Brazil.


In addition, Jank identified China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Thailand as potential markets. "Our goal is to do in Asia what we did in the Middle East," he explained.


The Middle East made up 36% of BRF's revenue during the third quarter of 2014. Over there, the company's Sadia brand had supplied poultry products for the last three decades.


Jank believes that poultry consumption can rise further in Asia where 24% of its revenue hailed from. Currently, the global average figure for chicken consumption dwarfed that of the region, by twice the amount.


"We're looking at various other opportunities (for expansion)," Jank said, in the light of the joint venture in Indonesia. "What we want now is to extend the supply chain in other countries, with either Brazilian goods or local raw materials. The bulk of the potential is in the poorest markets, where the middle class is growing."


In the meantime, Jank will be based in Singapore as BRF's vice president of business development and corporate affairs for Asia.

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