January 26, 2015


UK cattle prices still rising despite slow demand


The British cattle trade is getting stronger as the prime deadweight average price jumped another US$0.3 to US$0.55/kg during the week ending on January 17., 2015.


The trade had, in fact, remained unaffected by the expected slowdown in demand, together with rising supplies, during the start of the year, EBLEX reported.


Currently, the overall price for deadweight steer on the week had risen by US$0.3 to US$0.55, a similar trend also seen in heifers.


Those of the R4L specification are at their highest in almost a year at US$0.56/kg.


The overall deadweight price for cow on the week underwent a very slight change with US$0.33/kg, reflecting the stability of the cull cow market, EBLEX said. This is despite the slaughtering of 700 more animals during the period.


In the meantime, EBLEX expects more variations in cow pricing, specifically with differences between beef and dairy sired cows, even as the present trade reveals strong demand.

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