January 25, 2023


Malaysian Palm Oil Board says palm kernel expeller safe for use in dairy cattle feed



The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) said palm kernel expeller (PKE), also known as palm kernel cake (PKC) is safe to be used as feed material for dairy cattle, as studies have showed that it provides positive effects on the performance and health of the dairy cattle, Bernama reported.


Datuk Dr Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir, director-general of MPOB, said the studies also showed that different trace elements from different batches of PKE production have no negative effect on dairy cattle.


He said PKE is typically used in a particular ratio with other feed ingredients, producing trace element levels in the diet that are safer and more beneficial for the livestock.


He also said animal nutritionists have formulated the PKE inclusion in the diet of dairy cattle to meet nutrient needs.


The director-general said research results refute a recent article that claimed PKE contains concentrations of some elements like iron, magnesium, and phosphorus that exceed safety levels for dairy cattle's health.


Ahmad Parveez said the dairy industry, where milk is sold based on its fat content, benefits from the effect of PKE in dairy cattle diets contributing to higher milk fat content. Farmers may benefit from higher milk prices as a result.


He said adding PKE can result in milk with a higher fat content, adding that when feed access is not strictly regulated or when pasture quality is especially lush, PKE is generally safer to feed.


As a result of the high neutral detergent fibre content in PKC, each dairy cow can typically receive PKE daily at a higher percentage than wheat, barley, or maize without developing ruminal acidosis.


He said that another study found that PKC has a high phosphorus-to-calcium ratio, which makes it a good option for dairy cattle feed.


According to a study, PKC is a common ingredient in dairy rations in Germany and the Netherlands, where it is used at a rate of about 10% as opposed to more than 50% in Malaysia, with no known negative effects.


He said that the PKC's trace elements of phosphorus and calcium are essential minerals needed for the biochemical energy conversion process in every cell of the body. Additionally, they serve as the mineral framework for livestock bones and teeth.


-      Bernama

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