January 25, 2021


China's CIFST issues standard for plant-based meat



China's Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) has issued the voluntary group standard Plant-Based Meat Products (T/CIFST 001-2020), which sets out definitions, technical requirements and guidelines on the labeling, packaging, transportation and storage of plant-based meat alternative products last December.


The standard will be implemented on June 25, 2021.


The plant-based meat alternative sector in China is growing, with a dozen plant-based meat alternative companies having emerged in 2019, introducing a large variety of new products to consumers in China.


The CIFST document lays out requirements for labeling of these products. If the product category name cannot reflect the true attributes of the product or clearly reflect that the product uses plant raw materials, a descriptive word reflecting the plant-derived ingredients or indicating that the product simulates animal meat product could be used jointly with a product category name.


The product label shall have texts indicating that the product is different from animal meat products. Words such as "plant-derived" and "non-animal-derived" can be used to describe the raw material source of the final product. It can also use the word "vegetable" as an auxiliary description.


- Pig333 / UDSA / CIFST