January 25, 2016


Novogen signs distribution agreement with Wincorp International



Novogen SAS and Hubbard LLC have entered into a strategic agreement with Wincorp International for the distribution of the NOVOgen Brown and NOVOgen White layers in several US states.


The agreement was effected immediately, and includes supply to major commercial egg producing states and the permit for export of Novogen layers to certain countries on a non-exclusive basis.


Large volumes of Novogen breeding stock have already been placed in the Wincorp International facilities and will continue to be placed with the final goal to obtain a minimum 20% market share in the US in five years.


The agreement further strengthens the positive business relationship which exists between Wincorp International, Hubbard LLC, and Groupe Grimaud.


The association began through Wincorp's subsidiary 'International Poultry Breeders' (IPB).


Originally Hubbard LLC supplied IPB's South Georgia operation with a limited number of Hubbard M99 breeder males.


However, in the last few years, the relationship has grown whereby the M99xHubbard Classic breeder package is now widely supplied across all locations in Arkansas, North and South Georgia, Tennessee and Jamaica.


"We are delighted to continue our successful business relationship with the Hubbard LLC team through the distribution of Novogen products in large egg producing states in the US," said Stephen Levy, President of Wincorp. "Novogen products are not new to Wincorp operations and have been tested extensively and proven in our operations overseas. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between the Wincorp and Novogen teams."

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