January 25, 2018


Novus to present at International Poultry Scientific Forum




Pushing the boundaries of modern poultry nutrition and health, research results by Novus International, Inc.'s research and development team would be on display at the International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) in Atlanta, Georgia next week.


"We come to IPSF as part of our commitment to collaboration across the industry," said Frances Yan, one of Novus's senior research scientists presenting at IPSF. "Here, we can see each other's work and inspire and challenge each other to develop new solutions to producer problems."


Five Novus poultry scientists will present their research January 29-30, 2018 at IPSF in advance of the annual International Production and Processing Expo. Topics covered include the synergistic effect of organic trace minerals and synthetic antioxidants in reducing woody breast, the effects of chelated copper on growth performance and meat quality, the comparison of two phytases on performance in phosphorus-deficient diets, the development of a more sensitive protease model for amino acid digestibility and phytase efficacy in improving phosphorus and calcium digestibility and growth performance.


"What we're presenting is some of the latest and most innovative concepts in the industry," said Vivek Kuttappan, physiology research scientist at Novus. "I'll be sharing findings that were developed into an actionable solution for producers facing rising incidences of woody breast and white striping in their products."


For presentation details and abstracts visit www.novusint.com/events/IPPE2018.

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