January 24, 2017

Aviagen® Asia announced the immediate appointment of Esmi San Pedro as commercial vice president for its Indian River® brand of broiler breeders.



Reporting directly to Aviagen Asia senior vice president Bill Souther, Dr. San Pedro will be responsible for increasing market share of the Indian River brand, managing the commercial sales and support operations of the Indian River team and promoting Aviagen's long-term business development in the region.


His primary focus will be Indian River customers, helping them to accelerate productivity and grow their businesses by sharing best practice strategies and innovations. He will also support Aviagen facilities, including company and contract farms throughout Asia.


Dr. San Pedro brings years of experience, knowledge and expertise to his new role. For the past two years he has served as commercial and technical manager for Indian River Middle East and Asia. He joined Aviagen's Indian River team in 2009 as technical service manager responsible for Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and China.


Before joining Indian River, he gathered years of poultry breeding and management experience working with market leaders such as RFM/Swift Foods and San Miguel Foods in the Philippines and Sierad Produce in Indonesia. He holds a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Central Luzon State University (1987).


"Esmi has proven to be an enormous asset to Aviagen Asia's Indian River team. He has accomplished tremendous strides in promoting the Indian River brand throughout the region and is well-liked, respected and trusted by colleagues and customers alike," says Souther. "By building on the strong relationships he has established, as well as his depth of knowledge and experience in flock management, he will be able to further strengthen Indian River's success in Asia."


- Aviagen

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