January 22, 2024

China Hog: Market weakens amid increased availability (week ended Jan 15, 2024)

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Hog releases increased, whereas slaughterhouses continued to stay cautious with pork sales slow, hence exerting pressure on the hog market. Falling for four consecutive weeks, hog prices have decreased 6%.

Compared with a week ago, pork slaughter volume inched lower by 0.18% to 10,636 tonnes while pork carcass prices slid 1.10% to RMB20.07/kg.

On average, hog prices dropped 4.2% to RMB13.78/kg, from RMB14.39/kg over the past week. Compared with a year ago, prices were lower by 7%.

With supplies ample amid cautious demand, hog prices are set to move lower.


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