January 22, 2021

Cooke Aquaculture proposes $58 million salmon hatchery in Nova Scotia, Canada


Cooke Aquaculture plans to spend the next five years building a $58.6 million salmon hatchery in Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, Canada.


The proposal notice from Cooke Aquaculture was posted by the Nova Scotia government on January 6.


The land-based post-smolt hatchery would grow salmons from egg to smolt before releasing into Cooke Aquaculture’s open-pen fish farms in the ocean. The salmons would be grown to 500 grams before release, an increase from the usual 125 grams produced at other hatcheries.


The farm is expected to produce three million fish per year and supply Cooke's 13 fish farm sites in Nova Scotia.


"Growing them larger allows them to be larger and stronger and healthier when they're in the ocean," Cooke spokesperson Joel Richardson told CBC News.


"This type of facility allows us to reduce fish handling, reduce fish time at sea and reduce the days to market."


The planned hatchery would create 16 full time jobs when completed and 450 jobs - with $26 million in wages paid - during the projected three years of construction.


Cooke Aquaculture said this project is not contingent on getting approval from the provincial Aquaculture Review Board for an expansion of additional 46 pens to increase capacity to 1.8 million salmon at Liverpool Bay, Nova Scotia.


The project will undergo a public feedback period for 30 days until February 12 before an official decision is made.


 - CBC