January 22, 2020


Delacon and Fitotek support education of the young in Chile




Together with its subsidiary Fitotek, Delacon supports a rural and economically poor region with educational projects. In several lectures, 60 teachers were also able to develop their skills in cooperative learning methodologies.



According to teacher Christian Navarro, one of the participants, the project attacks a weak point of education in Chile, which is teamwork. It is something fundamental for current education. "These kinds of experiences help children to socialise better. Moreover, it helps to develop social intelligence and soft skills."


Paulo Tomargo, CEO Fitotek implemented the project for personal reasons. As a father of two, he knows about the importance of a good education. Hence, he wanted to enable similar conditions for children in rural regions in Chile.


Several teachers have already implemented previously learned cooperative learning. "It is a helpful tool to deal with difficult topics. Another good instrument to transfer knowledge," says Paola Solari Campos.


"It is a great honour to enable this project. We invest in the education as these young folks are the future," says Joerg Niebelschuetz, director Operations & Finance at Delacon.