January 22, 2020


Germany and Poland collaborate to stop African swine fever spread


Germany's Agriculture Ministry said it's working with Poland to implement new measures to stop the spread of African swine fever (ASF) discovered among wild boar in the Germany-Poland border, reported Reuters.


Julia Kloeckner, German Agriculture Minister andJan Krzysztof Ardanowski, Polish Agriculture Minister agreed new measures in Berlin to contain Poland's ASF outbreak and stop it from entering Germany.


According to Germany's Agriculture Ministry, these measures included constructing a fenced corridor along the border to prevent the entry of wild boar into Germany.


Discussions with continue as to whether Germany's civil defense force will assist in putting up the fences. Additionally, both ministers will send a joint statement about reducing the wild boar population, including shooting the wild boar as a preventative method.


Fences have already been constructed along the Germany-Poland border in Brandenburg and Saxony by its regional state governments to stop wild boar from entering Germany.


Restrictions on wild boar hunting have been relaxed in Germany.


Other proposed plans by Germany's government include introducing temporary anti-wild boar fencing to contain areas infected by ASF should a case be discovered in the country.


The World Health Organisation said 55 ASF outbreaks were reported in Poland among wild boars. These cases are located about 30 km from Germany, a major pork exporter in Europe.


China, as well as other Asian countries, impose a ban on imports of pork where ASF has been reported, resulting in loss of business.


-      Reuters