January 21, 2020


Ghana aims to stop poultry imports in five years


The country's Ministry of Food and Agriculture will boost domestic poultry production through its Broiler Revitalization Project, which will produce 20 million day old chicks, reported GhanaWeb.


Dr Asiedu Baah, Ministry of Food and AgricultureDirector of Veterinary Services said an estimated four million chicks will be produced each year and distributed to selected domestic poultry farmers.


This year will be the pilot phase of the Broiler Revitalization Project, with participation from six districts located in the Greater Accra Region.


Ghana imported about 135,000 tonnes of frozen chicken from the European Union (EU) in 2017. This is up 76% compared to the year prior. 


Current domestic poultry production in Ghana is estimated at 4.4 million birds annually. But domestic production is affected by increased poultry feed costs and cheaper poultry imports.


-      GhanaWeb