January 20, 2015


InVivo introduces new 'licking' feed product for ruminants



InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health has introduced a new licking bucket product range for ruminants in the Europe, Middle-East and Africa market.


The company has a leading position in the French market (45% market share of complete feed produced under InVivo NSA techniques) and a diverse portfolio of services and solutions (minerals, compound feeds, licking buckets, additives). The company wishes to develop the high market potential of its main business regions: EMEA, South America, Central America and Asia.


As ruminants naturally need to lick and salivate, the PHYSIOLick buckets make it possible for breeders to adjust nutrient intake according to the specific needs of each animal. The buckets are also resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.


The buckets provide an optimised formulation which fulfills the requirements of different ruminant species in each production cycle. This approach makes it possible to meet animal nutrient and physiological requirements during the most critical periods (weaning, pasturing, changes in diet, drying off) and guarantees better yield for breeders.


The manufacturing process for the buckets known as "pouring" allows the company to avoid the use of heat or pressure. This approach enables heat or pressure sensitive ingredients to be incorporated into the feed formula (vitamins, plant extracts), without altering their benefits. According to InVivo, this approach gives the company a competitive edge in the licking bucket market.


In France, InVivo is the leader in the licking bucket market, producing about 30,000 tons of licking buckets per year. This business has experienced strong growth for several years and currently generates 30% of the company's turnover in Europe. The company has a production site based in Verton, France, for its PHYSIOLick buckets.


Production and marketing of the product range will be expanded to Central and South America this year.

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