January 19, 2021


Strix signs water purification deal with Chia Tai Group


AIM-listed Strix Group has signed a contract with Chia Tai Group to adopt its HaloPure technology at one of the group's swine farms in China which has a capacity for 2,800 sows, TheBusinessDesk.com reported.

UK, Isle of Man-based Strix specialises in temperature control systems for kettles, but has diversified into water purification and disinfection solutions in the livestock farming industry in China. An annoucement was made last year: https://www.efeedlink.com/contents/09-18-2020/c3b29cb9-f8b2-48e6-a01c-14007a5dce58-a181.html

The HaloPure filtration contains a porous, highly cross-linked polymeric brominated resin with a high surface area which firstly removes any microorganisims in the water and then releases hypobromous acid to maintain microbial control. Current solutions rely on an ultra-filtration membrane which provides single use filtration but no continued measure to control microbial build-up.

Strix's technology was selected for its ability to prevent the spread of African swine fever virus (ASFV). Tests on ASFV were conducted by a national government-certified P3 laboratory proving that HaloPure can eliminate ASFv for raw water and waterline.

The HaloPure technology is said to be well-positioned to respond to the anticipated policy change in China, which will require regulated water for use in all livestock farms, hospitals and clinics.

Strix chief executive, Mark Bartlett, says, "The Strix HaloPure technology represents a highly attractive proposition for industries that require a water purification and disinfection solution and we are delighted with the continued progress being made following the successful implementation into the pig and chicken farming industry and the dental market in China.

We look forward to updating the market on further developments of the success of this technology in due course."