January 19, 2018

Thai Union receives Best Sustainability Report Award
In June last Thai Union Group PCL has received the 2017 Best Sustainability Report Award from the Thai Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Thai Union was one of eight companies that received the distinction.

In June last year, Thai Union released its annual Sustainability Report, publicly detailing the company's performance from January through December 2016 against key performance indicators and targets outlined in SeaChange®, Thai Union's sustainability strategy.

The report details how Thai Union's strategic approach to sustainability is transforming the way the seafood industry operates worldwide. It covers the sustainability progress of Thai Union on every aspect of its business: from how the company looks after the oceans to how it manages waste; from the responsibility Thai Union takes for its workers to building brighter futures for communities where the company operates.

Thai Union's Sustainability Report 2016 was prepared in accordance with the internationally recognised sustainability reporting guidelines known as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines G4 and its Food Processing Sector Supplement (FPSS). The report is in agreement with the GRI G4 Guidelines - Core option.

"Thai Union takes great pride in the transparency of its communications with stakeholders, customers and the industry", said Dr. Darian McBain, Thai Union's global director for sustainable development. "Transparency is vital so the global seafood industry knows what works as we move forward to combat global and regional issues - this report is an important part of that process."

The Sustainability Report 2016 in English and Thai is available at Thai Union's website: http://www.thaiunion.com/en/sustainability/report.
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