January 19, 2015


Eurodon commissions Russia's biggest feed mill

Russian company Donstar, a subsidiary of Eurodon, the largest producer of turkey meat in the country, has commissioned a new feed mill in Millerovo district of the Rostov Oblast.


The plant is designed for an annual capacity of 300,000 tonnes of feed.


The plant is the final component of the vertically integrated poultry complex for the production and processing of duck meat, which Eurodon has been implementing in recent years.


In addition to the new feed mill, the complex includes an incubator, 11 poultry houses, a poultry processing plant, and an administration and amenity block. The total area of the complex is 230,000 square metres.


"Reducing production cost with the use of our own production facilities, improving the feed conversion ratio, and increasing meat gains will all allow the company to achieve the highest production indicators and strengthen its leading position in the segment of the production of duck meat, not only in Russia but also in the entire European continent,"  the company said.

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