January 18, 2017

Adisseo develops dry form of liquid methionine




Bluestar Adisseo Company has announced the development of its new powder methionine product, Rhodimet® A-Dry+, based on liquid methionine technology.


The new product is being developed to cater to customers whose manufacturing process does not allow the use of liquid form.


Based on a patented technology and with the support of its formulation expert subsidiary, Adisseo has developed a process which enables the production of premium quality powder at 88% potency. Additional benefits such as improved anti-oxidation and anti-microbial effects will also be available to powder users. The mechanical characteristics, flowability and homogeneity in particular, of Rhodimet A-Dry+, are optimised to match the best-in-class in the market enabling superior performance in mixability, a key criteria for powder users.


Rhodimet A-Dry+ is expected to be launched in the market early 2018. A new production unit implementing this new technology is currently being built on the Burgos site in Spain and expected to be commissioned by the end 2017. Its design has integrated the full value of sustainable development and the project has involved significant expertise from the company in this regard.


Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo Group and the company, commented, "We are delighted to come to the market with a true innovation. For all customers already fully convinced about the HMTBA benefits, we now can offer two products with same specificatons (88% potency) either in powder or in liquid form, so that they can make a choice that suits their facilities best as well as maximise the benefits and improve cost efficiency."

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